Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Elusive Warbler

The Elusive Warbler
Nursing a broken heart,
this body of a recluse,
where's love, is it there?
the dilemma does confuse.

The sunsets, day after day,
have that uncanny resemblance,
the mind churns, the heart sinks,
in sorrows' deep assemblance.

Like that elusive warbler,
happiness still eludes,
and this sad hunter,
rejected, dejected broods.

The Unknown Sailor

Possessed by a power unknown,
'n obsession to see it thru,
he sailed the tides, and winds he braved,
and vicious sharks too.

Tho' he ran the show,
the glory wasn't his,
for, the sailor who steers the ship,
on the deck, amongst 'brave',
his presence is oft a miss.

And the ship finally reached
and he got 'em their destiny,
In joy they danced n shrieked
on island of treasure, glee;
n forgotten, ignored behind the celebrating crowd,
the pleasure, for him, was not to be.