Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Unknown Sailor

Possessed by a power unknown,
'n obsession to see it thru,
he sailed the tides, and winds he braved,
and vicious sharks too.

Tho' he ran the show,
the glory wasn't his,
for, the sailor who steers the ship,
on the deck, amongst 'brave',
his presence is oft a miss.

And the ship finally reached
and he got 'em their destiny,
In joy they danced n shrieked
on island of treasure, glee;
n forgotten, ignored behind the celebrating crowd,
the pleasure, for him, was not to be.


Nimish Dubey said...

Quite extraordinarily brilliant expression. A bit like The Old Man and the Sea in verse, albeit a trifle bleak. Very good writing.

sankalp said...

"ignored" in itself speaks of the toil and hard work that goes unsung for a person leading from the front

a truly beautiful one that u have penned down

lots of accolades
and keep going on n on

ashish goel said...

Hey Nimish, thank you so much for the appreciation.. coming this from you am quite elated.. am myself a bit of a fan of your writing.. stumbled upon one ur blogs about a friend being an ambassador of your thoughts.. was really impressed.. thankyou once again

Nimish Dubey said...

You exaggerate, Ashish. But thanks, I am very flattered. And honestly, you are pretty good yourself. Could you try something a tad more cheerful? You have a very good command of the language and vivid imagination. Do keep in touch. All the best.

ashish goel said...

Thanks for the motivation Nimish.. and yup i'll take ur suggestion seriously enuf to write somethin non-serious.. hava nice day!! :)