Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Horizon

Far beyond the horizon i see,
lie my dreams, my fantasy,
yet so uncertain the path i follow,
vague roadsigns, promises hollow.

Pass i many a meadow,
those tempting springs,
the flowers that glow,
-nature's bait, they call me n lure,
and I stray, when I resist nomore.

Come back I on the path again,
nomore of those pleasures vain,
stumbling, falling, even if I may,
witness shall be the sun of the day,
when i'll reach the horizon i see,
and realize my dreams, my fantasy.


abhinav said...

this is gr8 bro !

really liked it !

ranz said...

amzing stuff written bro. it seems u going to writers way. so is there budding writer who is coming out.... great job go on let us read more of ur work...


sand said...

so u making full use of the vacation
coming up with a great stuff
no words to express the pleasure

devika said...

Hey ashish ! Really nice. The quest for the horizon is something which everyone has.. you have put it in words, beautifully. A poem, very honest, mature, straight from heart..which touched me. Lovely.

shefali said...

hey...dats very well written

Nidhi Singal said...

Just imagine, two years down the line,you and me sitting in a coffee shop, not for a light conversation but for a more specific reason. You will be my next story, i will be there to interview a famous!
I hope this turns into a reality soon...coz i personally like the stuff you write dear.
love and luck

Anonymous said...

i never knew u wrote soo good.
wud love to continue reading ur blogs !
great yaar ! :)