Friday, July 1, 2011

Distance and You

Sometimes I am afraid
to come closer to you,
- only a step towards your heart
or a stampede of my emotions at large?

Sometimes I am afraid
to go farther from you,
- only a step away from your heart
or closing of doors that may never open again?

And sometimes I am afraid
to remain at the same distance from you
- only a growing urge to be closer to your heart,
or a loosening bond, that we may not even realize?

Photography by Pankaj Anand


chhaya said...

thanks a lot dear. i think we all experience such conflicts when we are with our loved ones :)

Pankaj said...

beautiful words buddy..well expected from you :) keep them coming .. :)

One suggestion .. you can use my pics on your blog to Depict ( if possible)
and i will use your poem to depict my pics..

Devika Singh said...

Badhiya hai ! :)

Varun Jaswal said...


ashish goel said...

@Chhaya: Very very true. The distance inspires, the heart aspires... i can say ;)

@Pankaj: Thanks buddy. Sure, great suggestion! Would love to have your pics give face to my scribblings. For my poems depicting your pics, not sure if i can come up with something that great to do justice to ur pics :P but would love to try!

@Devika, Varun: Thanx much :)

Anshul Goel said...

From Mummy- devdas to ultra-devdas... well.. Good transition :-)))))

ashish goel said...

Thanks mom! :)

Abhinav Sharma said...

Hehehe :P i just loved aunty ji comment on this !

waise yaar you can choose 2 option!
1.let me come to hyd
or can call me when you feel this !
Please message me which option suits you