Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life, a Sports Car

Reality, a maze tough,
soul in deep slumber,
driving a leaking life
mind a hopeless driver.

Past, a coach cruel,
follies he does remind,
memories, the racers rough,
impossible to leave behind.

Dream, a destination far,
distant on track lonesome,
love, the fuel scarce,
desperation to find some.

Heart, a map hazy,
perception of direction rare,
Oh, the path ahead,
hand, unsure with gear.

Amongst emotions: enemies great,
Faith, the friend consoles,
gives hope, courage and,
life, the car rolls.


Devika said...

A 'sports' car 'rolling' in the reality race ! The driver's map is hazy, making him unsure with the way. He has enough fuel though - His dream,'great enemies' and friends..
So he may roar and soar coz his fuel is galore !

shefali said...

u have described life beautifully in dese words!!!!

ranz said...

summary of life is really fit into this amazing poem of yours.but as you said friends like u r always make it easy .....keep posting bro..good work.

sand said...

Well most appreciation about it has already been done by others....
so i make a critical analysis of it"a coach cruel",----they r not cruel only they want the best in you to come out....

and yes the tone goes from negative to positive in the end with "the car rolls".

would like to suggest a similar topic for thought provoking life and journey, since now u r in much better state of mind..

keep blogging..