Friday, October 19, 2007

Bombinder Jaisi Koi Nahin!!!

all u guys out there eyeing a hot chick read this first...

I wanna share this really ‘educational’ experience with u all. It’s about a girl called Bombinder. If u r wondering what kinda name ‘Bombinder’ is, then lemme tell u, it was supposed to be a hypothetical one till we’d know her actual name (that now we don’t have any intention of knowing it, is a different matter!!!). Why the name? –cause she’s as hot as a bomb and she is a surd. So the name!

Bombinder is a health freak. Every time I & my friend Lappu go to the Goofers’ Park, we see her either jogging or exercising. We were in complete awe of her and soon both of us decided to pataaofy her. One day she was jogging, when Lappu (being an enthu kinda guy) went up to her and xpressed his feelings 4 her. Bombinder wasted no time in heating his face with a firm slap. Just then, her big fat Papaji... (Bombinder has a typical surd Papaji who also comes to Goofers’ Park) ...her big fat Papaji came outta nowhere, held Lappu tightly from shoulders and shook him so badly, that since then he has become a nervous wreck.

But, I didn’t give up. So another morn, while she was exercising and Papaji wasn’t around, I prepared myself like any one-man-bomb-disposal-team would do to diffuse the hot n dangerous bomb –Bombinder. I approached her from behind…she had just started the bending exercises. I had prepared myself 4 everything but…..

I had come very close 2 her, her back towards me, just then she bent again and a different kinda bomb exploded that took me unawares……She Farted!!! And shattered my illusions as much my smelling senses. Gasping 4 fresh air I turned back, my heart filled with disgust and sorrow.

So, herein lies a message 4 all u guys out there eyeing a hot, bomb-like Bombinder BEWARE!!! –she might turn out 2 be a different kinda bomb altogether.

(This is my first ever blog that i wrote in 2004-05 on rediff: