Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Elusive Warbler

The Elusive Warbler
Nursing a broken heart,
this body of a recluse,
where's love, is it there?
the dilemma does confuse.

The sunsets, day after day,
have that uncanny resemblance,
the mind churns, the heart sinks,
in sorrows' deep assemblance.

Like that elusive warbler,
happiness still eludes,
and this sad hunter,
rejected, dejected broods.


sankalp said...

"happiness still eludes"
sets the tone for the whole of ur poem
speaking a lot in itself

i am lucky enough to see these lines when u were penning them down

keep writing

shefali said...

heyy i dint knw ki u cud pen down such beautiful words...way 2 go buddy...absolutely mesmerising!!!!

Abhinav said...

well maan realy nice word , good goin maan !
im impressed .

keep writting

Anonymous said...

absolutely terrific and coming from a poet of my stature ,you should be honored.

Anywaz , this poem rocks bro!

Anonymous said...

ps: the anonymous guy is .....maddy


keep blogging , i stil have the bombindar one saved on my hard disk