Sunday, July 17, 2011

Think for yourself

A friend in need
is a friend indeed,
but what when your need
is the cost of his own need?

Many a song sung,
many a poem penned
-how, in hardship, the friendship persists
alas, in songs 'n' poems, it only exists.

think for yourself -is the need of today,
deceive and trample, even if you may,
riding the right to wrong your friend,
for your need is the only need in the end!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Distance and You

Sometimes I am afraid
to come closer to you,
- only a step towards your heart
or a stampede of my emotions at large?

Sometimes I am afraid
to go farther from you,
- only a step away from your heart
or closing of doors that may never open again?

And sometimes I am afraid
to remain at the same distance from you
- only a growing urge to be closer to your heart,
or a loosening bond, that we may not even realize?

Photography by Pankaj Anand