Friday, October 19, 2007

Bombinder Jaisi Koi Nahin!!!

all u guys out there eyeing a hot chick read this first...

I wanna share this really ‘educational’ experience with u all. It’s about a girl called Bombinder. If u r wondering what kinda name ‘Bombinder’ is, then lemme tell u, it was supposed to be a hypothetical one till we’d know her actual name (that now we don’t have any intention of knowing it, is a different matter!!!). Why the name? –cause she’s as hot as a bomb and she is a surd. So the name!

Bombinder is a health freak. Every time I & my friend Lappu go to the Goofers’ Park, we see her either jogging or exercising. We were in complete awe of her and soon both of us decided to pataaofy her. One day she was jogging, when Lappu (being an enthu kinda guy) went up to her and xpressed his feelings 4 her. Bombinder wasted no time in heating his face with a firm slap. Just then, her big fat Papaji... (Bombinder has a typical surd Papaji who also comes to Goofers’ Park) ...her big fat Papaji came outta nowhere, held Lappu tightly from shoulders and shook him so badly, that since then he has become a nervous wreck.

But, I didn’t give up. So another morn, while she was exercising and Papaji wasn’t around, I prepared myself like any one-man-bomb-disposal-team would do to diffuse the hot n dangerous bomb –Bombinder. I approached her from behind…she had just started the bending exercises. I had prepared myself 4 everything but…..

I had come very close 2 her, her back towards me, just then she bent again and a different kinda bomb exploded that took me unawares……She Farted!!! And shattered my illusions as much my smelling senses. Gasping 4 fresh air I turned back, my heart filled with disgust and sorrow.

So, herein lies a message 4 all u guys out there eyeing a hot, bomb-like Bombinder BEWARE!!! –she might turn out 2 be a different kinda bomb altogether.

(This is my first ever blog that i wrote in 2004-05 on rediff:


Nidhi Singal said...

Hey ashu,
A well written blog. Bombinder...hmmm seems it was a nice learning experience but i still learned anything from this experience?
Hope to see more posts like this!

ashish goel said...

sure.. sure i learned.. just nomore of those exercising-bending types for me.. hahaha

shefali said...

well nxt tym if u even think of tryin dis kinda thing again u better b fully armed..hehe

*****NOIDADOGG***** said...

superb stuff this

Abhinav said...

well this story is just not writers illusion , actually in real life he had faced this situation

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! I remember this one... were these omitted?
aditi @ 11:09 am | Apr 12th 2006
its hilarious..... though being from d other sex whch happens to be d butt( no pun!) of d joke shudnt find it funny bt nevertheless gud efforts shudnt go unappreciated itz too cool.....

dave @ 11:51 pm | Nov 8th 2005
ha ha ha

granpa ofblogs @ 09:20 pm | Nov 7th 2005

Minimum @ 08:05 pm | Nov 2nd 2005
some jokes are better confined to genealogical relations!!!!!no wonder u dont write these under ur REAL NAME!!!!!!!

Minimum @ 08:04 pm | Nov 2nd 2005

ivan D terrible @ 06:44 pm | Nov 2nd 2005
just 2 put the record straight, I 2 have a girl called juswinder. she emits euro II!

anon the canon @ 11:27 am | Oct 29th 2005
and thats all folks!

anon the canon @ 11:16 am | Oct 29th 2005
jalandhar stinks 2!

ivandterrible @ 11:15 am | Oct 29th 2005
did oi see 'er in Southall? London stinks!

anon the canon @ 11:13 am | Oct 29th 2005

anon the canon @ 11:12 am | Oct 29th 2005
from jal-and-her

anon the canon @ 11:12 am | Oct 29th 2005
and yeah, now i am renaming her - justwindher!

anon the canon @ 11:10 am | Oct 29th 2005
jaswinder, my girl also farts, but from the standing position, doing the side bend. i call her the sidewinder, and now i know who's her sister. not yet met the pappaji though!

hmm @ 04:08 pm | Oct 18th 2005
so we gather, ghosts dont fart eh?

m k @ 01:25 pm | Oct 17th 2005
lolz. gud one.

regards from the trinity- anon d canon, ivan d terrible, granpaofblogs

ashish goel said...

yeah dear anonymous, these were the comments i got when i posted this blog earlier.. nt a big deal to find them given that i hav mentioned the link too. But why be anonymous?