Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Perspective

Take a hard look at this pic.

On right is an almirah with a mirror on it; and on left an open door leading to staircase. so its like watching what is behind my back and what lies ahead in the same frame -something like putting past and future in the same perspective!!!

And to come to think of it I took this picture on Jan 1 this year, it might be a coincidence telling me something...


Aditya Jayant said...

Nice pic man.. and a nice way of looking at it too

ashish goel said...

thanks aditya!

Nidhi Singal said...

Interesting...I like the way you think. But hey while considering what happened in past and thinking about future, don't forget to live in present. Coz that's the most important...!

Abhinav said...

well i must say good work buddy!!!
one should always forget about past but your imagination was really good!