Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nothing Less, Nothing More

A Passing Thought...

Standing here, i see,
just many a door,
which one to choose,
which one to ignore..
and when i choose,
and open a door,
then i realize,
that to the fore,
lies yet another door.
This way the life,
may seem to bore,
but fun lies in
making the choice sure,
that i guess is life's core,
nuthin less, nuthin more!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Connecting with Nature

I remember as a kid, papa would sometimes stop the car at a particular intersection-island near our home (one of those triangles that we see at signals for pedestrians) and buy me daana to offer to the birds. I would be scared at first but as I threw the grain on ground, birds mostly pigeons would come out of nowhere, neatly land and much to my relief without hurting me, would quickly consume all that was offered. They say it's a good deed to feed birds, but back then I was oblivious to this. I would only be amazed by the huge number that would descend, each taking in one daana at a time in it's little beak. In a minute or two they would clean up the whole place and would look around, as if waiting for some more that might be in the offing, their throats still moving trying to digest what all they had gorged. And then suddenly they would all take off, scattering themselves happily in the sky. At this point I would realize the pleasure and the freshness that spread within me.

All this was long forgotten until one recent vacation when I came back home, maa told me we have started putting daana to pigeons on our building's roof. At that time I could faintly recall my childhood experience. I decided I would bring them their breakfast the next morning, but could not manage to wake up on time. The entire vacation passed and I completely forgot about my resolution.

I have again come home for a few days, and today, although wanting to sleep till late, somehow got up early. I was looking for something to do, turned on the computer, and just as I was settling down in my chair, a whiff of fresh air made it's way through the window and hit me. I could not resist going out on the terrace. I appreciated the potted plants with beautiful flowers lovingly nurtured by maa. I then decided to go on the roof to have the city's view. I climbed up and as I was observing the city's skyline, I saw some pigeons come one by one, and perch on the roof's ledge. It then occurred to me that these hungry creatures were mistaking me for papa, who had yet not returned from his morning walk to feed them. The daana container, a tightly sealed jar, was on the roof itself. I opened it unsure of how to go about it. I took out some daana in my hand, and threw it on the floor. The pigeons that were waiting hopped down from the ledge and started eating it. I threw some more and then some more.. and then all of the sudden the whole sky above me seemed to be filled with the pigeons.. This blue blanket was soon on the floor, busy juggling the grains in their beaks, competing with each other and so unmindful of my presence. Or maybe they just did not consider me a threat. So there I was, standing so close to them, mesmerized by what I saw. I had never imagined that these little birds would make such a fascinating sight. And the childhood memories rushed back, reminding me of the same delight I felt then.

I guess nothing is more serene and beautiful than watching the nature's less privileged creations living with equal zest and determination as we humans do. And this experience is certainly an humbling one.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life, a Sports Car

Reality, a maze tough,
soul in deep slumber,
driving a leaking life
mind a hopeless driver.

Past, a coach cruel,
follies he does remind,
memories, the racers rough,
impossible to leave behind.

Dream, a destination far,
distant on track lonesome,
love, the fuel scarce,
desperation to find some.

Heart, a map hazy,
perception of direction rare,
Oh, the path ahead,
hand, unsure with gear.

Amongst emotions: enemies great,
Faith, the friend consoles,
gives hope, courage and,
life, the car rolls.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Perspective

Take a hard look at this pic.

On right is an almirah with a mirror on it; and on left an open door leading to staircase. so its like watching what is behind my back and what lies ahead in the same frame -something like putting past and future in the same perspective!!!

And to come to think of it I took this picture on Jan 1 this year, it might be a coincidence telling me something...